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The information provided here is included as a part of Buddy's recording history; however, this CD is now out of print. Please see the Pilgrimage CD, which includes songs from this recording.

1. Grace for the Moment

2. Praise You, Lord

3. Holy Father

4. Lord, I Want to Thank You

5. You're All I Need

6. Less Than an Honest Man

7. He Is There

8. Green Tree

9. Only God

10. God's Own Lamb

11. God Is With Us

12. Rest Awhile

13. Oh, Lord How I Need You

14. Grace for the Moment


Buddy's song "Grace for the Moment" has struck a powerful, responsive chord in the lives of people struggling with a variety of personal challenges and difficulties in their lives.



Executive Producer & Concept by Bob MacKenzie

Music Produced by Bubba Smith, Don Potter, & Buddy Greene

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